Technical support

Technické_služby_LR Autofit s.r.o. - Technical support

By choosing our company you not only gain access to high quality products and the most advanced technologies in the field of auto repair painting, but above all you also get a wide range of services at the most professional level.

Technical services

  • express shipments of goods and materials throughout the Czech Republic WITHIN 24 HOURS
  • quick arrival of Nexa Autocolor technician in case of problem solving
  • regular technical visits
  • continuous additional training, information about new products
  • service phone number 548 213 987 for any questions
  • database of special formulas of variant shades updated once a month
  • access to the latest recipes online - updated 24 hours a day

Consultancy services

  • guidance on how to identify the potential of customers in the area where they plan to build a paint shop
  • establishing estimates of the capacity to be considered for the paint shop
  • guidance on how best to organise staff, how to manage remuneration appropriately
  • advice on the selection of a painter
  • designing the equipment and materials needed for the paint shop
  • monitoring the performance and efficiency of the paint shop
  • appropriate tools for dealing with customers, pricing jobs and attracting new 'labour suppliers'
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