We offer spray guns including the necessary filters and accessories. In our product range you will find paint and varnish spray guns, filler guns, industrial guns and pressure cookers, guns for minor repairs as well as complete spare parts.

SATA = The SATA brand is a leading German manufacturer of spray guns with an extensive range of products that set the trend in the paint industry and have long been known for their characteristic reliability, durability and ergonomics.

DeVilbiss = The DeVilbiss brand has had a respected name in the field of spray guns since 1888. Providing exceptionally high quality spray guns such as the JGA and the latest GTI PRO meeting the most stringent requirements for transfer efficiency.

For a complete range of our spray guns, please visit our customer portal eshop.autofit.cz.

 SATA jet X5500 stříkací pistole  DeVilbiss GTI PRO LITE stříkací pistole  

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