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Gun washers

In our product range you will find Rosauto gun washers. This is an Italian company that has been a leader in this field since 1979 and guarantees the highest quality of the products supplied.

We offer you different types of gun washers - automatic, manual or combined, which are used for cleaning guns from water-based or thinner paints or other impurities.

The gun washer will become your indispensable helper in your daily work in the paint shop.

The complete range and offer can be found in the leaflet HERE, or you can contact us with a specific requirement and we will prepare a tailor-made offer to meet your needs.


Myčka pistolí automatická RosAuto  Myčka pistolí automatická m30a RosAuto  Myčka pistolí kombinovaná RosAuto  Myčka pistolí kombinovaná RosAuto  Myčka pistolí manuální RosAuto  Myčka pistolí manuální RosAuto AutoFit

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