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Nexa Autocolor TURBO Vision

Turbo Vision is the result of constant attention to customer needs and continuous investment in research and innovation to meet even the most demanding quality requirements. NEXA AUTOCOLOR® engineers have developed a unique painting system that provides the most advanced solutions in the commercial vehicle painting process. The innovation lies in a new technology that is available to users as a bonding system of the highest quality. Combined with ease of application and fast drying, the innovative Turbo Vision system is a real leap forward in technical parameters, ensuring a perfect finish and speeding up the daily work and painting process.

Designed to meet the needs of customers, the Turbo Vision system offers the ideal painting solution for maximum flexibility in both local repairs and the production process. The Turbo Vision system offers the highest quality and exceptional stability of technical parameters throughout the painting process.

INNOVATION of technical parameters

Ease of application, fast drying, excellent spread and unrivalled shade accuracy were key elements of the research. The Turbo Vision system achieves impressive results in all of these areas, guaranteeing exceptional painted surface appearance such as gloss and durability in all application methods. Different types of commercial vehicles and their parts require different coating system properties. To this end, a wide range of fillers have been developed including a premium filler with excellent spreadability, a matte filler, a structural filler, a medium-dry filler and a Direct-to-Metal filler designed for application directly to metal frame substrates. These fillers, combined with the new Turbo Vision pigments, cover the complete range of desired applications.

Turbo Vision's unique premium filler features improved mixture yield and increased hiding power. Combined with ease of application, improved spreading and lower material consumption, this coating system significantly reduces VOC emissions by up to 15%, ensuring better and healthier working conditions for painters, while reducing the negative impact on the environment.



OPTIMIZATION of the painting process

The TURBO VISION® system effectively optimizes the entire painting process compared to competing commercial vehicle paint systems by using a premium filler with excellent spreadability.

  • Easy application
  • Simple and precise mixing of components
  • Exact shade matching
  • Shorter drying time even without firing
  • "Smart" corrections
  • Easier polishing

OPTIMIZATION of painting time

The Turbo Vision system makes application exceptionally easy for both experienced and novice painters. Fast, accurate and reliable results are achieved with just one coat or two coats. All this in a wide temperature range and with different sizes of parts to be repaired. The Turbo Vision features allow for significant time savings when drying in the booth. Even with free air drying, the same excellent paint appearance is achieved as with in-cab drying. After drying, the paint film is very hard, which means that painted parts can be assembled or assembled immediately without waiting until the next day. This accelerated curing helps to increase production capacity and productivity during manufacturing or repair.

OPTIMIZATION of consumption and energy saving

In addition to increased productivity, shorter painting times due to the new system's superior hiding power and ease of application, Turbo Vision can achieve up to 10% savings in direct material costs. The more efficient painting process and shorter drying times in the booth also translate into significantly lower energy consumption.

Turbo Vision is a flexible "modular system". A comprehensive system of binders and pigments satisfies a variety of client needs while reducing inventory levels. Smaller packaging sizes and a compact pigment set reduce potential waste burdening the environment.



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