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Nexa Autocolor® is one of three brands in the auto paint repair industry owned by market leader PPG Industries. PPG Industries is a leader in every industry in which it operates. It is a dynamic, efficient manufacturer that uses the latest technology and solutions. PPG has manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries around the world.

About the brand Nexa Autocolor®

Nexa Autocolor® is one of the world's leading paint repair brands, available in 147 countries through a network of importers and specialist distributors. The main distributor for the Czech Republic since 1994 is Auto Fit.

Nexa Autocolor® s the brand recommended by leading car manufacturers such as Škoda, Ford, Hyundai, Opel, Mercedes, Kia, VW, Audi, Seat, Peugeot, Citroen, Mazda, Honda a další.

Loga importéři

Main advantages of the materials Nexa Autocolor® Aquabase Plus

Microgel technology for waterborne bases

  • pigments do not need to be mixed
  • painted swatches - precise colouring
  • precise application of bases without clouds
  • very easy corrections to the spray

Hi-Tech technology

  • Fast Aquadry - patented, automated Aquabase ultra-fast drying system
  • Spectral Grey - sophisticated filler system
  • Engine Bay  - unique, fast and efficient engine compartment repair system
  • UV Primer - great product for local small repairs

"One-step" aplication (1/2 + 1 full layer without drying)

  • unilacs 2K HS+
  • clearcoats HS+
  • wet-to-wet fillers (just one layer)
  • Spectral Grey – allows Aquabase application on ½ + 1 layer

Extreme short drying times

  • e.g. 10 min. at 60°C for P471
  • or 5 min. at 60°C for clearcoat P190-8002
  • box can be switched to drying immediately after application without ventilation
  • FAST Aquadry – base drying in 5 minutes

Sustainability has always been one of PPG's guiding principles. Many of the innovations introduced in recent years have benefited customers in the areas of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development. In the paint materials sector, Nexa Autocolor® was among the first to introduce products with low levels of harmful volatile substances. Expertise and continuous product development are the basis for the fact that choosing Nexa Autocolor® technology as your auto paint repair solution guarantees your success!

For more information about Nexa Autocolor products or brand, please visit the manufacturer's official website

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