Industrial papers and towels

Before the actual painting, the car needs to be cleaned of dust and dirt. Various paper and cloth cloths or cleaning papers are used for this purpose. We offer a wide range of wipes in rolls of different sizes, widths and materials, as well as polishing or anti-static wipes.

All from the brands 3M, Colad, ZVG, TORK, etc.

The complete range of industrial papers and wipes can be found on our customer portal

Průmyslové utěrky ZVG AutoFit   Průmyslové utěrky ZVG AutoFit     Průmyslové utěrky ZVG AutoFit  Průmyslové utěrky TORK AutoFitPrůmyslové utěrky TORK AutoFit  Průmyslové utěrky TORK AutoFit

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