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We offer quality paint booths and preparation stands from SAIMA MECCANICA, which has been manufacturing them since 1977, which is more than 40 years of experience that has brought the company to the top of the field.

Thanks to their variability, SAIMA paint booths are suitable for almost everyone, whether it is a small paint shop or a large industrial plant. From the three types offered - BETA, GAMMA, GRANDI MEZZI - there is a choice for everyone. The BETA and GAMMA paint booths are equipped with three- or four-leaf entrance doors as standard. A service door is located on the side. The walls of these paint booths consist of 52 mm thick sandwich panels, which are thermo-acoustically insulated. The paint booth can be installed on a metal base made of galvanised steel profiles. The galvanised grids have a standard load capacity of 480 kg per 250 x 250 mm wheel foot. The GRANDI MEZZI industrial cabs have been designed for painting large vehicles or large products. They are equipped as standard with a four-leaf door for full opening and a service door on the side. The walls of the booths consist of sandwich panels, which are reinforced with steel frames that give the booths the necessary strength and durability. All cabs can be tailored to the individual requirements of each individual operation and customer - either in terms of equipment or technical specifications.
SAIMA paint booths

A suitable complement to the paint booths are the PREPKLEEN self-heating preparation booths, which are used for preparation and minor painting. This saves the workload of the paint booth, which can then be used only for final painting and thus allows multiple jobs to be handled at once. Each preparation station is equipped with an exhaust system, which ensures a pleasant and clean working environment free of fumes and dust particles. These contaminants are filtered before being released into the outdoor area so they do not pollute the environment. Just like the cabins, the staging area can be adapted to the individual needs of each plant. It is available in different sizes and with different equipment, e.g. with hydraulic hoist, PVC curtains, shelves, etc.

As part of the implementation, we provide our customers with comprehensive advice and service at the highest level. We deal with each customer's requirements and ideas individually. We will prepare a complete study including technological fittings, recommend the most suitable layout and specific equipment to best suit the needs of each individual operation according to the volume and nature of the orders. Of course, we also assist with the necessary legislation.

For a complete range of paint booths and preparation stations, please refer to our catalogue: here

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