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We offer you high quality drying equipment of the IR-EVO brand from the Italian manufacturer Bellini. Bellini has been manufacturing drying equipment since 1982. When developing IR-EVO drying equipment, the company sought to respond to the needs of modern car paint shops and wanted to provide them with the ideal tool to increase their productivity, efficiency, profitability and safety of the working environment without having to modify the painting process. The current third generation IR-EVO system retains its original versatility: in fact, it can be installed in almost any new or existing car paint shop. It offers higher speed and time savings with lower energy consumption. In recent years, the average volume of damage repairs has dropped significantly. Around 75% of the vehicles that reach the paint shop require only one to three parts to be repaired, so there is a need to increase efficiency when carrying out such work. IR-EVO systems are designed to be able to meet these new repair speed requirements. They concentrate the drying force only where it is really needed, saving time and energy. The result is lower repair costs, higher efficiency and thus higher profits.


All IR-EVO systems use high quality short-wave red-coated emitters. Electric infrared emitters have an extremely wide range of applications and a number of advantages, making them ideal for the modern car paint shop. The infrared radiation from shortwave infrared emitters can penetrate through layers of various materials to the substrate and directly heat it. They effectively dry the paintwork from the inside out and guarantee optimal and complete evaporation of volatile substances and perfect surface curing. The heaters can heat up to a very high temperature (up to 1200 °C) in less than a second and cool down quickly. This, together with special software, guarantees total control of the performance (0-100%). They allow a perfect overview of the temperature applied to the dried surface, the humidity and the ambient temperature, and can be used on any kind of paint and substrate (steel, aluminium, plastic, carbon fibre, wood...).


Another semi-automatic option is the IR-EVO Speed system, which is extremely flexible and easy to operate using the built-in touchscreen.The worker only needs to manually position the IR-EVO SPeeD system to the parts to be dismantled or to the side of the vehicle to be dried, and the system will automatically start moving according to pre-set parameters. The IR-EVO SPeeD system moves easily and quickly, making it particularly suitable for paint shops that perform a large number of small repairs on more than one part.

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