Spektrofotometr Rapidmatch GO

The RapidMatch GO spectrophotometer represents a completely new generation of these devices developed for the auto repair industry.

RapidMatch GO is very easy to use and can be operated with just one hand. With its length of only 17 cm, it is currently the most compact 5-angle device available on the Czech market. It finds the right shade in seconds, even on a rounded surface or even a bicycle. The device includes a set of accessories for easier operation and increased work efficiency.

You can easily connect the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone that have PAINTMANAGER® XI software installed, either wirelessly using wi-fi or via a USB cable.

RapidMatch GO is equipped with a large touchscreen display, LED light and also an audible alarm to alert you when the measurement is complete. The large icons on the display allow for easy and intuitive operation. The display also includes a time and battery level indicator.

The device has a completely new design. The optical slit closes automatically to prevent dust contamination. The three innovative contact sensors allow stable and precise positioning, which makes it possible to measure the shade even on a very small rounded surface.

The device also includes a dark colour detection function. If the device identifies that the color being measured is dark, it will automatically extend the measurement time for a more accurate result. This function can be activated or deactivated in the settings.

The RapidMatch GO only needs to be calibrated once every 14 days, making the job much easier while maintaining accurate results. The internal calibration system ensures reliability in every single measurement. After 14 days, the device displays an "Expired Calibration" message as a recommendation for a new calibration.


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