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We are the exclusive distributor of unique American EVERCOAT brand sealants in the Czech Republic. EVERCOAT brand sealants are characterized by excellent properties = they are lightweight, high filling, easy to spread, and most importantly very easy to sand. Working with them is a pleasure for every painter.

A little information about the origins of EVERCOAT:

EVERCOAT was founded in 1953 as Fibre-Glass Evercoat 1953. It developed its first formulations in Cincinnati and began selling products throughout the United States primarily for the marine market. Shortly after 1953, the company realized the need for quality primers and fillers for the automotive industry as well and began manufacturing products designed for automotive body repair.

In 1995, the EVERCOAT brand was purchased by ITW (Illinois Tool Works). ITW is an industrial manufacturer with a wide range of high quality consumables and specialty equipment and related services. With more than 300 companies worldwide and more than 5,000 employees, ITW is well represented in both mature and emerging markets.

Over the years, EVERCOAT has invested heavily in technology, resulting in many first-to-market product launches. Rage Ultra™ is the first sealant based on Eco Resin™ technology, an environmentally friendly resin that also provides excellent abrasive properties. Evercoat is now the market leader in vehicle body repair in the use of "green" technology. In addition, it was the first to market high-fill polyester sealants, polyester fiberglass sealants, lightweight liquid fiberglass sealant, unique convenient packaging and time-saving and repaintable repair procedures. Many unique formulas are patented.

EVERCOAT offers a wide range of complementary products that have been developed for the domestic and global body repair industry, including adhesives, filler sprays, plastic repair products, etc.

EVERCOAT's commitment to high quality, unique formulations and time-saving processes has made it the preferred brand in the sale of repair sealants and fillers in North America. EVERCOAT has become a leader in many markets around the world. The resin and other important product components are sourced in the U.S., with manufacturing and corporate administration based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For a complete range of products, please visit our customer portal at eshop.autofit.cz, where you can order EVERCOAT products. If you are interested in more information or a specific offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information visit the EVERCOAT product pages at www.evercoat.cz.

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