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Founded in Milan in 1895, MaxMeyer has gradually become one of the most important paint manufacturers in Italy. In the 1970s, the brand began to expand into foreign markets and is now represented on every continent, where it has gained a relatively large share of the world market thanks to its quality. In 1991, the MaxMeyer brand was awarded ISO 9001 certification to confirm its quality.

In 1997, MaxMeyer merged with PPG, but the MaxMeyer brand continues to produce products under its own brand name. In order to comply with the strict standards of the European Union, a team of experts completed the development of a water-dilutable system under the AquaMax brand in 1999, which would later be upgraded to AquaMax2. In the following year, the production of low-VOC coatings was launched under the UHS Premium label.

AquaMax 2

  • simple, ready-to-use technology with sophisticated colour scheme including motorcycles
  • rich theoretical and practical knowledge of recipes
  • immediate colour replenishment according to the requirements of the international automotive market, including swatches
  • water-based system is practical and simple without the need for additives and thinners, ready for direct use
  • thanks to the concentration of pigments, no mixing equipment is needed
  • is characterised by stable results
  • thanks to the special formulation and innovative packaging, the threat of coating or discolouration is eliminated, making it an absolutely reliable and stable system.

BASECOAT – 64 bases suitable for small, medium and total repairs of high quality

  • 39 basic
  • 15 perl
  • 8 aluminium
  • 2 transparent

UHS Duralit Extra

UHS Duralit Extra is a two-component acrylic pastel topcoat system with direct gloss that complies with all current VOC legislation.

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