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PPG system for car painting

Two of the three cars produced in Europe and North America today use PPG technology and know-how. This makes the PPG brand the right choice for car manufacturers and paint shops.

PPG was an early supplier of nanotechnology to the auto repair industry and maintains its position at the forefront of advanced technology with products such as CERAMICLEAR® scratch- and damage-resistant clearcoat, self-leveling primer and Enviro Primer Surfacer.

PPG offers a comprehensive line of products that are easy to use and guarantee a perfect finish in every application, allowing paint shops to increase their productivity and profitability. From the high-performance ENVIROBASE® waterborne basecoat to a wide range of Ultra-High Solids Clearcoats and Direct Gloss, PPG has a solution for every situation in the paint shop.

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PPG ENVIROBASE HP - proven technology for passenger cars

EnvirobaseTMHigh Performance is a waterborne base system that significantly reduces emissions of volatile air pollutants and meets all current and future legislative requirements. Patented microgel technology offers the ability to mix unilake, metallic and pearlescent shades with excellent opacity and colour fastness. Combined with quality primers, fillers and PPG clearcoats, it provides exceptional gloss and durability of the final surface. An integral part of the EnvirobaseTMHP system is the new variant colorbox, which allows easy selection of the shade you are looking for. This colour swatch box is painted with the EnvirobaseTMHP system and regularly updated several times a year. The EnvirobaseTMHP system no longer requires any mixing equipment, is quick to apply and its superior performance reflects PPG's position as a world leader in automotive refinishing.

PPG DELTRON UHS  Progress - modern 2K colour concept

DG UHS Progress is a new high-drying uni-coat suitable for economical and environmentally friendly painting of cars and light commercial vehicles. Thanks to the large selection of hardeners and thinners, it is suitable for small spot repairs as well as for complete repainting of the vehicle under various conditions. DG UHS Progress pigments are completely lead-free and contain significantly less organic solvents than conventional direct gloss paints. The base set of the DG UHS Progress system contains only 20 pigments.

For complete brand and product information on PPG, please visit the manufacturer's official website https://ceb.ppgrefinish.com/cs/.

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