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A new era in color mixing is upon us - PPG has introduced the all-new MoonWalk automated coloUr mixer from Nexa Autocolor and PPG.

The development of this equipment has taken a full 3 years and now sets the course for the auto repair industry in the coming years. Automation and robotics represent the future in all industrial areas - automotive not excluded. This innovative system saves labour costs, reduces material waste and transforms the mixing room area into a clean and safe working environment. This robust, easy-to-use technology sets a new standard in the automotive repair industry.

The MoonWalk semi-automatic equipment stands out with several exceptional features that will excite even you:

  • Eliminates material waste and clutter
  • Its compact size allows it to be placed in any operation
  • Automates the mixing process
  • Saves time and money thanks to innovative software (the worker can do other work while MoonWalk prepares the required shade), plus eliminates the risk of human error
  • Maximises exact shade matching
  • Generates profit

Watch a demonstration in the video on our YouTube or visit official website

MoonWalk autofit

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