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MIPA Pro Mix® Industry is a German manufactured coating system for small and large scale industrial applications. It includes a complete range including baseless paints, specialty materials and waterborne paints and primers. The system also includes components with various gloss levels and textures for all common applications such as brushing, rolling, spraying or dipping. Thanks to the universally applicable pigment pastes, tinting to the exact colour shade required is possible. The paints can be produced with leaded or lead-free pigments exactly according to the customer's requirements.

Because the tinting process is carried out by adding pigment pastes to pre-filled cans, packaging costs are reduced to a minimum. The precise dosing of the pigment pastes is carried out manually or with an automatic dosing machine.

The variety of applications makes the MIPA Pro Mix® Industry coating system suitable for a very wide range of customers. It finds its application in sectors such as mechanical engineering, metal industry, wood industry, plastics industry, but also in vehicle manufacturers, steel manufacturers, paint and body shops. However, the system can also be used for more demanding tasks such as renovating steel facades or coating plastic window frames. With its flexibility and with only a small number of products and low stock levels, MIPA Pro Mix® Industry opens up new horizons in colour accuracy and application quality.

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