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Auto Fit is the first company in the Czech Republic to introduce a unique technology that will soon become an indispensable assistant for most car painters - the fully automatic DAISY WHEEL mixing device for mixing car paints Aquabase Plus brand NEXA AUTOCOLOR®.

It is absolutely unique in its field! The equipment is already in active use in Western Europe - 85 customers benefit from the DAISY WHEEL connection in Germany and more than 20 more in Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Now the device is coming to the Czech Republic!

DAISY WHEEL can fully replace one worker in a car paint shop, so it becomes part of the work team. The painter does not have to spend time mixing, but can concentrate on preparing the car or other activities, while DAISY WHEEL prepares the necessary shade to paint the car.

DAISY WHEEL is much more accurate in mixing than a human - deviations are max +/- 0.05g, it mixes the correct shade on the first try, saving costs due to reduced material loss. It is also suitable for minor repairs as it can mix the minimum amount of paint according to the recipe with 100% accuracy - up to 4g of paint (0.04L), repeatedly and flawlessly!

DAISY WHEEL does not cause paint to dry out, thanks to the special reservoirs and the storage of pigments without air access, which means that the original quality of the paint is maintained and losses are minimal.

DAISY WHEEL is most suitable for NEXA AUTOCOLOR® Aquabase Plus paints as this range of paints have no pigment build-up, no need to mix, stable viscosity and long shelf life.

DAISY WHEEL is completely compact - it saves space in the paint shop or mixing room, its dimensions are less than 1m³ (equipment dimensions: 105cm x 105cm x 65cm, table dimensions under the equipment: 90cm x 61.5cm x 64.5cm), thus taking up 60-75% less space than traditional mixing equipment. In addition, it contains up to 160 positions for different pigments compared to 144 positions in existing technologies (0.5L). All important pigment technologies are fully integrated, so it is possible to flawlessly mix any shade from all car manufacturers.

DAISY WHEEL offers a much more comfortable and safer working environment as it eliminates the need for paint contact, no need to lift heavy cans, clean work areas of paint drips or inhale paint fumes. Work areas are always clean and presentable.

Come and see DAISY WHEEL in person at our training centre in Brno, every Friday from 14.00 to 16.00h or at any time by prior arrangement.

More information about this revolutionary device can be found in the leaflet here.

You can also watch our presentation video on our newly established YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEax64UfDpJReEd0E_YrfgA

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