Code of Conduct

Whatever changes in the world around us, one thing remains the same: the commitment and effort of Auto Fit, spol. s r.o. to maintain the highest standards of business ethics, morality and integrity.

The reputation and continued success of our company is determined not only by the industry in which we operate, but also by how we do it, how we treat our customers and our own employees. This is key to our continued success.

We want to be recognized as a leader in everything we do and we want all stakeholders to be proud to be an employee or partner of Auto Fit, Ltd.

The reputation of our company is one of the most valuable values that we want to create, develop and protect.

Our company's Code of Ethics describes and expresses our commitment to ethical and integrity conduct in every situation, while respecting the human rights of each individual. The Supplier Code of Conduct, in turn, defines our expectations and requirements when selecting suppliers.

Our management expects every employee and supplier to abide by the principles of the Code.

Employees are made aware of this document when they sign their employment contract, and business partners can familiarize themselves with our company's Code of Ethics upon request. The company's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for employees can be read HERE, the Code of Ethics for suppliers can be downloaded or read HERE.

Thank you to all employees and suppliers for your personal contribution to the highest possible human and professional standards of our company!


Ing. Marie Ryšavá, MBA,Managing Director of Auto Fit, spol. s r.o.


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