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SELEMIX Industrial Coating System is a high quality solventborne coating system that includes both one and two component technologies that are suitable for any light industrial application. It is ideal for spraying garage doors, steel structures, agricultural machinery, shelving, bicycle frames, furniture, etc.

The SELEMIX system is perfectly suited for surface treatment and protection offering excellent actic corrosion properties. The SELEMIX industrial coating is composed of a range of concentrated toners and binders. By combining them you get a wide range of shades adapted to the needs of the specific job.

The SELEMIX industrial system includes high solids (UHS) products that meet the EU (1999/13 SED) requirements for organic solvent emissions. Together with the traditional SELEMIX solventborne coatings, an alternative range of waterborne coatings SELEMIX AQUA has been developed suitable for all types of metal surfaces complying with the EU VOC Directive on solvent emission reduction.


The SELEMIX range of coatings includes a wide range of international colour standards, including a number of industrial shades used in public transport, the oil industry, international car fleets, as well as agricultural and machinery manufacturing.

The SELEMIX product range is accompanied by a range of support tools:

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Surfaces to which the SELEMIX industrial coating system can be applied:

Selemix průmyslový systém AutoFit Selemix průmyslový nátěr AutoFit Selemix průmyslový nátěr AutoFit Selemix průmyslový systém AutoFit Selemix průmyslový systém AutoFit 


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